II Timothy 3:16 “All scripture is given by inspiration of God…”
The Bible contains scripture which is given to us by the inspiration of God.  Men under the influence and inspiration of God wrote what the Holy Spirit gave them to write.
That word, inspiration, speaks of the breath of God.  Like the filling of a balloon by the breath of someone, that air in the balloon contains the very DNA or being of the person who breathed into the balloon.
The Word of God is so powerful because it contains the very DNA or being of our Father God.
That word, inspiration, in the Greek speaks of three things:
1. Creative energy.  Since it is the very breath of God, it carries great creative power.  When we speak the word of God in faith it is going to produce what it was meant to produce.
Isaiah 55:11 says that every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God SHALL BE. It also says that that word will not return void, but it will accomplish that which God pleases and it shall prosper in the thing whereto He sent it.
When we speak the Word of God in faith it will not return without producing results and it will prosper and carry out what it was meant to accomplish.
2. That inspiration or breath of God in the Word of God also speaks of a fragrance.  When we have something that stinks in our lives, the word of God will produce a fragrance that will remove any stink.  When the word of God is read by someone a fragrance is released that will sweeten any foul smelling situation.

3. That inspiration of God also speaks of the production of a sweet sound.  Like music, it will calm and bring peace.  A flute without the breath blown into it is useless. Once the breath is blown into it, beautiful music will be produced which brings peace and calm to any storms we may face.
The Word of God is not something we just read for the sake of earning a certificate for reading your Bible.  The Word of God is the very breath of God.  When we open our Bibles to read God’s word a creative power is released, a fragrance is released that overpowers any stinky situation in our lives and finally the Word of God will produce a beautiful music into our lives.
No wonder Proverbs 4:20 tells us that if we incline our ears to the Word of God.  If we do not let them depart from our eyes and we keep them in the midst of our heart, they will be life unto those that find them and health to all our flesh.
Let the creative power, the wonderful fragrance and the music produced by the Word of God, work in your life by hearing, seeing and speaking the Word of God every day.

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