Digging For Hidden Treasure

There is a parable in the Bible which speaks of a principle of the Kingdom of God, taught by Jesus.  
It is the story of a man who finds a treasure in a field.  He sells all that he has to purchase that field because of the treasure in which he has found.
I had a question when I first read that parable.  Why did the man have to buy the field?  He already found the treasure.  
What Jesus was trying to convey to us, was that the treasure that man had found was only the treasure he found on the surface of that field.  That man knew that buried within that field was much more treasure that could only be found by digging up that field to expose more treasure.
He couldn’t dig up the field, if it didn’t belong to him.  He knew that it would require time and effort to dig up that field and find the treasures hidden deep below the surface.
To purchase that treasure- filled field would require a personal sacrifice on his part.  Not only was it was going to initially cost him the effort and time to dig in that field, but knowing what was buried beneath that surface would be much more valuable that what he would have to invest.
A parable is a down to earth story that everyone could relate to that revealed an important truth.  What was that truth that Jesus was trying to reveal to us?
The Word of God, the Bible, is like that field.  Once a person is willing to at least read it, surface treasures will be revealed.  Truths that will change one’s life.
However, those who recognize the treasure they have found and develop a hunger to dig deeper, realize that it will cost them something to find further truths.  If that person is hungry for more truth it is going to cost them something to qualify to further dig deeper into the Word of God.
Anyone willing to dig deeper into the truths found in the Bible are going to have to sacrifice time and effort to find those truths.  They are going to have to dig deeper into the Bible.  A person hungry for those truths will be willing to pay the price to find them.
In Matthew 6: 33, Jesus tells us to seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness.  In other words seeking for those treasures hidden within the Word of God is going to have to become a priority in your life.  Other things will need to be second to finding those truths in the Word of God.
Seeking His righteousness, is seeking in the Word of God, what God considers right and what He considers wrong.  It is seeking to find out what makes one righteous in the sight of God.
Those truths will only be found by those who are willing to sacrifice all to dig deeper into the Word of God.  Those truths will only be found by those who are willing to dig deep into the Bible and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you, those things which are hidden to those who are not willing to pay the price and be disciplined to seek those truths.
In the Bible is the wisdom of God.  As Proverbs 3: 13 – 15 says, that wisdom, those truths that will only be found by those willing to pay the price and disciplined themselves to dig, will bring happiness to that person.
That hidden treasure is more precious than silver and the gain thereof than fine gold.
If you want to be rich in the things of God, be willing to pay the price and make the effort to dig deeper, because hidden within that field, the Word of God, is hidden treasure more valuable that silver and gold.

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Hassan Abdulsamad - March 14th, 2024 at 7:26pm