Use The Right Weapons

June 24, 2021

If you are a reader of the Word of God, especially the New Testament, you will notice many references to warfare.  We see phrases or words like fight, stand, weapons, soldier, etc.  As Christians we are in a warfare.

Our enemy is the devil or Satan.  Jesus tells us in John 10:10 that the thief comes not, but for to steal, and to kill and to destroy.

I Peter 5:8 “Be sober, be vigilant, because your adversary, the devil, as a roaring lion, walks about, seeking whom he may devour.”

Vs. 9 “whom resist steadfast in the faith…”

Even though we are in a war with this enemy, the Word of God promises us victory and that we can overcome.

The key in this warfare is knowing and USING the weapons that God has provided for us here on this earth.

Prayer is a very powerful weapon but not in the sense of begging God to make the enemy to go away.  God has given us very powerful weapons to defeat the enemy in our everyday lives.

Jesus came on this earth to not only show us the character and nature of our loving Father but to show us how we can defeat our adversary.

I John 3:8b “the reason the Son of God was made manifest (visible) was to undo, destroy, loosen and dissolve the works the devil has done.”

So what weapons did Jesus use to defeat the devil?  The greatest example where Jesus was in combat with the devil is found in His temptation in the wilderness.  

After Jesus was water baptized, He was lead of the Holy Spirit into the wilderness.  I believe He was there to receive His assignment from God, to make His commitment to the work of His Father and to defeat the enemy who would try to interfere with His time of prayer and commitment to God.

In three different situations, Jesus was tempted of the devil to change His allegiance to God to the devil.  Jesus defeated Satan in all three accounts.  What weapons did Jesus use to defeat him?

In Luke 4:4, 8, 12 we see the following response to the devil’s attack: “and Jesus answered.”

When the enemy fires that thought into your mind, you need to fire back with an answer.  The question is, with what answer? Here we fight fire with fire.  The devil spoke and Jesus immediately answered.  Jesus answered back with the Word of God.

In Ephesians 6:10-18 we are given the weapons of our warfare.  The one Jesus used was found in the latter part of verse 17, “…and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.”

When the devil spoke his words of temptation, Jesus used the sword of the Spirit, which is the spoken Word of God.  Jesus fired back with the scripture that fit the challenge to His faith.

The Sword of the Holy Spirit is compared to the small sword used by the Roman soldier in close combat.  Where the soldier thrust that sword had to be specific and accurate.  It couldn’t just be a wild swing, hoping to do some damage to his opponent.  It had to hit a specific spot and it had to be accurate.

When the devil speaks to you with a temptation, you must answer specifically and accurately.  In other words, the answer you speak must be the Word of God that specifically addresses the threat and it must be accurately spoken.

We see in the case of Jesus’ temptation, He defeated the devil at every attack.

It is no wonder that the Lord told Joshua before he attacked Jericho, to meditate on the Word of God, day and night.  Joshua had to know the specific word to counter the lie of the devil and accurately quote it.

The enemy will speak fear, worry, doubt and unbelief to you whenever he can.  We must be able to counter attack with that specific Word that will address, specifically the challenge to your faith.  It must be accurately quoted for its full and powerful effect.

The Word of God says to resist the devil and he will flee.  Resist him with the spoken Word of truth and he must flee.  It must be spoken accurately in faith in its ability to defeat statements of fear, doubt and unbelief made by the enemy.

The Lord promises us that if we resist we will overcome and have the victory.  So the key here is to possess the weapons God has given to us.  Study and meditate on the Word of God so you can build your arsenal of weaponry to always have the victory in Jesus’ name.

- Pastor Jim