Word & the Spirit Bible school

The Word & the Spirit Bible School (WSBS) was established in 1992 and is based upon Romans 12:2.  Our desire is to teach the truths and the principles found in the Bible so that we may fulfill our goal of "transformation not just information."  Over 100 students have completed our one or two year programs.  Our graduates have not only become leaders in our own church, but in many other churches both local and regional. Classes are taught by church staff, leaders, graduates and other qualified teachers.  

If you are interested in attending classes, please sign up here or at the info desk. 

Fall 2019 Semester

Our 2019 fall semester is now underway.  If you would like to register for classes it's not too late.  You can sign up at the info desk before or after services or you can register online by using the form below.

The believer's authority

The controversial subject of the authority of the believer in Christ is widely discussed in church today.  This class brings a fresh perspective to this significant spiritual truth that may challenge everything you've been taught, including:

* If believers have been given authority, then when, how, and toward what would it be exercised?  Don't assume the answer; discover the true battleground and learn how to recognize the real Enemy.

* Most people believe God created our enemy, Satan, but did He?  Understanding the answer will set you free to exercise your authority as a believer.

* Is spiritual warfare, as taught in many churches today, valid?  can believers use their authority to fight the devil and his demons in the air, or is the real battle in the mind?  The answer is a necessary prerequisite to winning spiritual battles.


Tuesday classes begin Sept 10, 10am-Noon

Thursday classes begin Sept 12, 6:30pm-8:30pm

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